To Bristol Township's Christmas lit square at the corner of SR 45 and SR 88

in Bristolville, Ohio.

Our little display is privileged to be listed in the "Must See Christmas Light Displays in Northeast Ohio", 2016 at http://findtimeforfun.com/must-see-christmas-light-displays-in-northeast-ohio/ Woo Hoo!

We had a nice lighting ceremony on Sunday, Nov. 27 followed by hot cocoa and cookies.

Thank you to all who helped with set up as well as with your donations to keep our square a jewel in Trumbull County.

The pics below are from little taste of heaven here in N. Trumbull County. In the link at the bottom from 2008 there is a video of the lights in our park from the 25th anniversary of lighting. It is the hope from the lighting committee that your decorated Bristol Square will add to the joy of the glorious Christmas season for you.

The township would like to thank the Christmas Lighting Committee for all their work in helping to make our corner a festive part of the season. It took approximately 225 man hours of decorating.

If you would like to help out with the cost of making your park a centerpiece of the county, donations can be sent to Bristol Township Trustees at PO Box 254, Bristolville, OH 44402.


2016 Bristol Park Lighting


Busy setting up for your enjoyment



Click here to see 2008's 25th anniversary video of our beautiful park.



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