Bristol Township Road Dept.

Greg Maraczi 330-240-4238
Mr. Maraczi holds three positions in our township:
Township Supervisor, Road Dept. Supervisor, &
Cemetery Sexton

Your Bristol Township Road department works daily to maintain the roads, ditches, storm water pipes and culverts of our Township roads. Within our Township there are three classes of roads. They are: State Roadways (Rt. 45 and Rt. 88), County Roadways (Hyde Shaffer, Hyde Oakfield, ect.), and Township Roadways.
Township Roadways are:

  • Messick Rd.
  • Peck Leach Rd.
  • Fenton Rd.
  • Nurse Rd.
  • Cory Hunt Rd. (north of Rt. 88)
  • Mahan Denman
  • Berry Lane
  • Oakfield North Rd.
  • Mahan Denman North
  • Phelps Rd.
  • Thompson Clark Rd. (between Hyde Shaffer and Housel Craft)
  • Nelson Lane Rd.
  • Miller South
  • Housel Craft

Bristol Township is responsible for the maintenance of 28 miles of Township roads.  If you see a pot hole, garbage or tires in a ditch, or your ditch is not allowing water to flow call the road department for assistance. The road department is responsible for keeping all ditches, road culverts, and driveway culverts open and flowing to allow water to flow off of our roads. Water damage is the number one cause of problems on our roads so please alert the road department if you see water accumulating on our roads due to plugged ditches or culverts.  

Culvert installations:
If you are building a new home, constructing a new driveway into your property, or need to replace a failed driveway culvert you can hire a local excavator to do the work. A permit from the Township is necessary before construction begins. Contact the road department, they will assist you in the procedure to obtain a permit.  The cost  of the permit is $25.00 and can be obtained at our Administration building from the Fiscal Officer or printed from this web page.

 The Township employees two full time employees and one part time employee to perform the required maintenance duties for our roads, park, cemeteries, and buildings. Listed below are some of the duties our crew performs.

Road Maintenance:

  • Repair of road surfaces (cold patch, patch & seal, chip & seal)
  • Repair of berms
  • Cut roadside grass, weeds, brush, trees
  • Snow and ice removal from roads, park, administration building, fire department

Sign Maintenance:

  • Regulatory signs (stop, speed,  parking)
  • Information signs (street names, cemetery signs, child at play)
  • Construction signs (road work, road closed, high water)

Storm Water Maintenance:

  • Construct, maintain, and clean storm water construction basins
  • Clean storm water collection pipe and culverts
  • Clean storm water ditches
  • Oversee culvert installation and replacement policy

Cemetery Maintenance:

  • Perform internments
  • Rehabilitate old headstones and foundations
  • Gravesite maintenance (topsoil, grade, seed, ect.)
  • Tree maintenance
  • Cut grass

Building Maintenance:

  • Oversee general repairs (roofing, gutters, painting)
  • Oversee septic tank performance

Miscellaneous Maintenance:

  • Storm damage cleanup
  • Roadside litter, dumped trash
  • Annual Township clean-up day
  • Scrap tire collection
  • Installation of U.S. flags for holidays
  • Auxiliary equipment repair (mowers, trimmers, snow blower)
  • Maintenance of all township vehicles


Application For Permit for Installation/Replacement of Driveway Culvert, Landscape Tile, or Basin In Township Right-Of-Way


Bristol Township Policy:
Driveway Culvert, Landscape Tile, or Basin Installation/Replacement

The purpose of this policy is to:
            1. Conform to ORC 5571.16
            2. To establish an application process
            3. To establish an inspection process
            4. To establish a permit fee

Scope of Policy
This policy applies to Township Residents living on a Bristol Township road right-of-way.

As per ORC 5571.16 any person installing a new driveway culvert, replacing an existing culvert, or installing landscape culvert in a township right-of-way shall complete a permit application.

The application shall be submitted to the Township Fiscal Officer. The Fiscal Officer shall collect the permit fee, verify the contractor's proof of insurance, and set up the date and time of the site visit with the Township Road Supervisor and applicant.

The township Road Supervisor shall hold a pre-construction meeting to determine the scope of the proposed project. The preconstruction meeting shall include a layout sketch, pipe size, pipe length, location of basins, and determination of fall. A copy of the document shall be given to applicant. The original shall accompany the permit application.

The Township Road Supervisor shall inspect the site during construction to ensure requirements are met for the installation.

A fee of $25.00 shall be paid by the applicant, at the time of application, to the Township Fiscal Officer. Checks shall be made out to Bristol Township. If the application is denied by the Township Trustees the fee shall be returned to the applicant.

The Bristol Trustees are responsible for final approval of culvert  installation/replacement permits. Permit applications must be adopted  pursuant to a resolution of the Bristol Board of Trustees.